(Update 15-10-2020)


Hotel Chariot is open and apply stricter measures. We would like to ask you to take these measures into account to ensure your health and that of our employees. We hope to welcome you soon for a safe and comfortable stay at Hotel Chariot.

Thank you for understanding and trust in our hotel.

Measures in The Netherlands

  • It is compulsory to keep at least 1,5 meters distance from other people (except people from your own household).
  • In The Netherlands, restaurants, bars and coffee shops are closed until at least 11 November. Hotels are allowed to keep their restaurants open for hotel guests.
  • Museums, attractions and zoos remain open. A time slot must be reserved.
  • Shops close no later than 8 PM, with the exception of supermarkets and other stores that sell groceries.
  • There is a ban on alcohol after 8 PM. This applies to sales (also in supermarkets), deliveries and drinking alcohol in public spaces.
  • Groups of no more than 4 people, or 1 household are allowed, both inside and outside.
  • As soon as this has been legally established, it is mandatory to wear a mouth mask in indoor areas.

Update 29-09-2020

On Monday evening, 28 September, the government announced new national measures to reduce the number of coronavirus infections. The new measures will take effect on Tuesday 29 September at 18.00, and will be force for at least 3 weeks.

New rules :

- Establishments serving food and drink can accept no new customers after 9:00 p.m. and must be closed by 10:00 p.m.

- Restaurants, cafés and bars must ask guests to provide their names and contact details for contact tracing by the municipal health service (GGD) in the event someone is infected

- The number of guests inside is limited to 30 guests per room. (the terrace has a maximum of 40 guests)

Update 14-08-2020:

In the restaurant, bar and on our terrace, indoor and outdoor, guests always need to keep a distance of 1.5 meters apart (unless they come from 1 household), they need to sit at a table and they need to observe our hygiene measures.

At arrival in the restaurant, there is always a health check. It is mandatory to ask guests to register for source and contact investigation by the GGD in case of an infection.

In short:

· The most important rule is to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other.

· Guests are allowed to sit at one table, but need to keep enough distance from each other. (unless you are from the same household)

Update 22-05-2020:

Although our restaurant was allowed to remain open for hotelguests only, we would like to give a small update.

From June 1: public transport will start running normal services again. Travellers must wear a ‘non-medical’ face mask and a maximum of 40% of seats may be occupied. People who don’t wear a mask can be fined. The size of the fine still has to be worked out.

Cafe and restaurant terraces can reopen as long as we adhere to the government protocol. Restaurants, concert halls theatres and cinemas can reopen for a maximum of 30 people (excluding hotelguests), by reservation only. (with the exception of our terrace)

Museums can reopen on condition tickets are sold in advance and the 1.5 metre rule is maintained

The government protocol states that households are allowed to be within a distance of 1.5 metre. Non-households must adhere the 1.5 meter distance. (with the exception of 2 guests)

In short: Is it allowed to sit at one table less than 1.5 metres apart?

- With 2 people: Yes

- With 3 or more people from one household: Yes

- With 3 or more people from different households: No

Update 22-04-2020:

Our hotel is still open! (but the bar, breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant are closed until 19 May, for non hotelguests)

Hotel guests can order breakfast and dinner, hotelguests are allowed to dine and have breakfast in our restaurant. Our restaurant has also set up a take-away and delivery service for guests nearby.

In The Netherlands all restaurants, bars and large public spaces (like museums and attractions) are closed until 19 May.

In The Netherlands all gatherings will be forbidden until 31 August. This means that all festivals and congresses until 31 August will be cancelled or postponed.

As the developments around the Corona virus are changing by the hour, please find most updated information on the websites of The Dutch government, RIVM or your local health autority.‚Äč The daily status per country can be read on the Worldometers website.

Kind Regards,

Management and Employees

Hotel Chariot and Restaurant Centennial

Dear guest,

The world is in the grip of the Covid-19 virus. Unfortunately, this also affects us as a hotel, event and restaurant destination.

The government, has imposed strict rules, that we must ofcourse ad here to. If you have a reservation with us during the coming weeks, you may contact us if you like to change this to another date this year or even next year.

During this unusual period, we remain open for our guests. Our employees are available for any questions or changes. Please mail your questions to

We hope that the situation will soon be stable again and hope to welcome you all in good health in our hotel and restaurant.

Kind regards,

Directors Hotel Chariot